Mamiko Hoban

Family-friendly sustainable tableware. This is truly versatile tableware that literally goes anywhere and does not create landfill in the process! Our purpose is to create healthy, environmentally sustainable and safe products for children.4evaeco products are made of durable, long-lasting stainless steel and silicone, both are plastic-free and non-toxic.

13 Candles

Ella Gould

13 Candles offers hand-poured, scented, Soy Candles and melts in 13 beautiful scents. Started by Ella when she was (you guessed it) 13 years of age, Ella is a regular at our Best Gift Markets. Gift boxes available all year-round.



A Silver Circle design

Corinne Share

 A Silver Circle is a brand that is inspired by the world. Each collection is locally Handmade with minimal impact on the world by using recycled materials including sterling silver and branches to make beautiful sustainable and environmentally conscious jewellery. Inspiration is taken from world history, architecture, landscapes and spirituality while the design aesthetic employs lots of clean modern lines.

Animals and Botanicals

Aleta Lederwasch

Australian wildlife illustrations by Coogee based artist Aleta Lederwasch. The friendly and sometimes cheeky eyes of her animals capture the hearts of all ages. By purchasing art from Animals and Botanicals not only will you be able to enjoy Australia’s beautiful wildlife in your home but you will also be supporting wildlife conservation.


Alana Douvros Jewellery

Alana Lehner

Raw gemstone jewellery created with love in Syndey with recycled precious metals and genuine gemstones.



AD,s Native Timber Products of Australia

Andrew Durante

Sustainable and recycled timber products handmade by local artist.



Amacyn Natural Perfume

Ferlyn Genato

Perfume artist Ferlyn Genato started Amacyn Natural Perfume in Rose Bay, Sydney Australia. The brand is inspired by botanical scents that are planted, harvested, and distilled in Australia. Perfumes are layered with the natural elements of the earth nurtured by the powers of the sun. Each of her concocted perfumes is unique. It is playful and unconventional. The rich soils and varying climates of each Australian state are represented in each of her perfumes. 

Amanda Kaye Jewellery

Amanda Kaye

I create and hand-make a range of beautiful delicate electroformed copper and silver crystal pendants and earrings, I also make simple sterling silver and solid gold jewellery. I also have a small collection of eco-resin trinket dishes and ring cones that I hand-pour myself to compliment my jewellery, these are perfect made into a gift set. I source all my materials, crystals, gemstones, and metals from Australian businesses and do not use plastic in any of my packaging. I also recycle all my sterling silver and gold scrap metal and offcuts to minimise any waste. 

Aileen Anderson Art

Aileen Anderson

Local Artist – Creative – Educator

Painting local landscapes, Memory, Colour and Connection.




Alexandra Tretiak

Alexandra Tretiak

Alexandra creates unique character driven illustrations with vibrant colours and patterns. Her work is inspired by the natural world, her Eastern European heritage, her childhood and relationships. Alexandra’s work often references films, art, and stories that have empowered or shaped her as an artist. 



Amber Glynn Designs

Amber Glynn

Amber Glynn is a local artist drawing wildlife that you may well meet in your back garden.

Her illustrations decorate a number of high quality organic cotton and recycled paper products, making unique gifts for all the family.

Anc by carol

Simao Silva

We sell handmade products. All of our products are made by women to women. Our mission is bring back to society handmade products and make people appreciate more the details and the production time of what we’re wearing. 

Angelas Bush Soaps

Angela Rybak

We are a small family business, selling cold-process handmade soap bars and personal care products that are sustainable and eco-friendly including lip balms and bath salts. We also make a variety of novelty soaps for kids in the shape of cactus, cupcakes, animals and dinosaurs.  We care for the environment by using no palm oil  and use as little packaging as possible to reduce waste.  


Annamade Flora

Anna Shin

Each wreath is hand crafted using dried and preserved flowers and will last for many seasons.


Aroma Herbs

Annette Cons

Our Cooking herbs are a unique blend of quality aromatic mixes produced locally in Darlinghurst Sydney. The flavours are uplifting, and suit all your produce for breakky, lunch and dinner.

The packaging of the jars are all reusable in beautifully presented in ceramic jars and the herbs are first sold in Non -plastic sealed pouches. The refill pouches are also sold in fully recyclable packaging. 

Asiki Eco

Natanya Shearer-Stanton

Asiki is a sustainable lifestyle store offering carefully curated Australian made and fair trade reusable, plastic free, earth friendly household products and fabulous gifts that won’t harm the planet. We work closely with local makers and creators to produce beautiful sustainably made items, including those in our our Asiki range that we design and manufacture ourselves locally. We also have a focus on products that incorporate  native Australian ingredients. We are focused  not only on how our products are made but also what happens at the end of their use. 

Aunty's Ginger Tonic

Yarrie Bangura

Aunty’s Ginger Tonic with Tamarind. The original flavour. Aunty’s Ginger Tonic with Lemon Ginger Tonic (NEW) – Taste the slightly sparkling zing of lemon combined with a ginger kick for the ultimate refreshing combo

Aunty’s Ginger Tonic Clove and Ginger Tonic (NEW) – This one’s got a hint of clove behind our ginger kick – a classic African flavour 

Aunty’s Ginger Tonic with Pineapple (NEW) – The new fan favourite, this one took everyone by surprise during testing and had people coming back for more. Plus, it’s slightly sparkling!


Beau Wylie

Cam Beau Wylie Foster

Inspired by the natural and cultural icons of Australia, Beau Wylie artworks are cheeky, colourful, and evoke joy in young and old. A mixed media artist, Beau uses oils, acrylics, pencils, digital, and collage to create his pieces.


Beeswax Wraps

Angie Restrepo

We use a unique recipe and crafting method to create longer-lasting, self-adhesive wraps that are a bee-utiful alternative to single-use plastics. Our beeswax wraps are homemade with love in Rosebery NSW and are organically produced using the highest quality ACO certified Australian organic beeswax, GOTS certified organic cotton, organic jojoba oil, wild pine rosin, and colloidal silver for antimicrobial enhancement.


Bob Window

Robert Viner-Jones

Bob Window produces bold, limited edition homewares from handprinted and vintage fabrics. All product its designed , printed and made by Bob in Sydney.




Bees Knees Products

Donna Harvie

We provide Eco Friendly alternates to single use plastics i.e. Reusable Shopping bags, Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottles, Reusable Sandwich Bags & Food Covers/Wraps, Reusable Travel Cups, Lydy Reusable Coffee Cup Lids, Replated reusable food containers. All these items help keep our community free from plastic waste & unnecessary rubbish.

Blue Banana Designs

Kelsie Spies

Original mixed media artworks. Handmade resin serving boards. Ethically sourced handmade homewares



Banish is a revolutionary marketplace that not only provides the best eco-friendly products in the industry, but it offers customers all of the support they need to reach their zero-waste goals and live more sustainably. With over 400 products from 40 small Australian businesses Banish is one of the best one-stop sustainable shops.

Bees Knees Products

Donna Harvie

Offering an eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastics & handmade gifts. All new personal care products coming soon.



Bowerbird Jewels

Annah Hennessy

Designed to travel with you along your life’s journey, Bowerbird Jewels was founded by gemologist and passionate jewellery designer Annah, her husband Ed and daughter Ivy after more than 30 years in the jewellery industry. Our designs are born from a frustration with the quality of jewellery available to most women. So we started crafting collections designed to be luxurious, value-driven and deeply sentimental, without the high price tag.

Bronte Goodieson

Bronte Goodieson

I create bespoke artworks of my favourite places. In my Sydney studio all of the prints are produced locally on a recycled card and made with lots of love.



Bucket hat design

Guenyth Roach

Fabric sun hats suitable for all ages male and female . 100% cotton. Many colours.



Created by Culture

Caroline Boateng

Created by Culture is an eco-friendly jewellery brand that creates stunning pieces out of recycled glass. They collect discarded bottles and glass, which we then clean, melt, and mould into beautiful upcycled treasures. Their pieces are classic, handmade and perfect for sensitive ears

Charli and Molly

Nicole Pensko

Charli and Molly create handmade creations for your furkids. Collars, Leads, Bandanas, Beds and Accessories all handmade by us locally. We started out to create stylish options for our furkids and now everyone can have our unique and exciting styles.

CutAbove Tools

Tony Matson

Gardening and Watering Equipment.





DM Pottery

Denise McDonald

Handmade ceramics for beautiful living.






Kathy Nashaat

Inspired by minimalist and organic elements that pare back to simplicity in our design approach. We opt to impress with the least amount of noise showcasing elegant shapes, subtle tones and simple construction. Accents include elements such as metallics, marbling and textures that are playful expressions of personality. We aim to create pieces that capture the essence of its owner. 


Zoe Shahbodaghi

Eco porducts. Reduce waste and feel good every day easy to ec products that are kind on the planet. 



Filtered Masks

Tina Drakos

Reusable 3ply 100% cotton face masks – 100% compostable at the end of its life.


Jady Lau

FURBUB + CO was founded on a love for furbabies, specialising in handmade macrame dog leashes & accessories that are both stylish and durable. Each macrame dog leash is made from the highest quality braided cotton. The doggie bandanas are custom designed to express your furbaby’s personality and is the perfect accessory for all dog lovers. 


Irene Moraitis

Pre-Packaged Gourmet nuts and Roasted Corn.




Happy Planet Toys

Miranda Davidson

Happy Planet Toys has created the first toys to be made in Australia from 100% recycled Australian milk bottles.

Our toys are eco-friendly, Australian and kids love to play with them. Plus, they’re showing children that their recycling can become something fun!


Hummingbird Succulents

Vanessa Dawson

Hummingbird Succulents provides beautiful, bespoke and environmentally friendly arrangements for the home or garden or as living gifts that will give lasting enjoyment. Through Hummingbird Succulents, founder and maker Vanessa Dawson combines her passions for creativity and sustainability with her love of varied, hardy and water-wise succulents to produce beautiful arrangements in one-of-a-kind repurposed pots.



I like your bike

Stephen Jones

Bicycle accessories for everyday cyclists.



Jinja Fox

Nicky Giambuzzi

Inspired by my fiery redhead daughter, I began my journey in 2015 to design and make womens rashies in Australia from recycled nylon. In sizes 8 – 18, they hold their shape, fit well and feel great to wear. Sustainable Swimwear. Effortless sun protection.

Kid Stock

Dawn Cook

Kids Backpacks and Lifestyle products 



Lambda Souvla Grill

Tim Theodorou

Sustainable and recycled timber products handmade by local artist.



Lemon Myrtle Fragrances Australia

Cassi de Pagter

Lemon Myrtle Fragrances provides a comprehensive range of personal and home care products, using 100% pure Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil, and other plant derived ingredients. We are an Australian Made, Australian Owned small family business. Lemon Myrtle has high antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial benefits, as well as being full of Vitamins A, E, Zinc, Magnesium, Calcium and Lutein.


Isabel Maier

LILAC & LOTUS is a boutique curation of carefully designed jewellery, clothing and accessories for life and home. A strong sense of femininity runs throughout the product range of jewellery and silk with bold prints and pops of colour to brighten and style any outfit. Continuing that design aesthetic through our luxe, full bodied soy wax candle range which boasts our very own unique floral design wraps. 

LILI'S Arts & Craft

Lilian Sheotahul

Hand made jewelry arts and craft for xmas and more.




Anissa Benkaza

Unique handmade clothing. Every item is unique, genderless and handmade here in Sydney.



LouiseM studio

Louise Martiensen

LouiseM studio is the ceramics practice of designer and maker Louise Martiensen. We produce a wide range of cups, plates, bowls, platters and vases in multiple styles, but all united by beauty and utility. These pieces are designed to become a part of your everyday collection


Jude Love

Love And West handmade vintage linen teatowel cushion covers, tote bags and denim skirts vintage linen details are made with Love by Judith Love. Borne of a devotion to vintage linens, especially the charming souvenir teatowels our mothers would collect.


Angie McCarthy

Materialistic products aren’t things you can’t live without – they are things you love and “just have to have.” Each item is unique as all products are individually screen printed by hand using eco-friendly non-toxic inks in my Sydney studio space. 



MBarnett Designs

Medeleine Barnett

MBarnett Designs is a greeting cards and small gift company that aims simply to make people laugh! With puns and funny illustrations printed on post consumer recycled paper, MBarnett Design’s greeting cards make a great sustainable alternative.



Mimi Craft Studio


Mimi Craft Studio is handmade crafts shop specialising in jewellery & accessories and sewing items as well.


Miss Chopsticks Origami Jewellery

Parry Yang

Miss Chopsticks jewellery is made from Japanese Origami Washi Paper, which is a traditional paper made from the long inner fibres of three plants Koze, Mitsumata and Gampi. Traditional Washi paper is filled with symbolism. 

My Lovely Pets Design

Nicholas Mooi

My Lovely Pets Design was created from a passion for great design and love of animals, using 100% recycled paper, designed and printed locally in Australia and a selection of Pets and our beautiful native Australian animals interior art prints, stationery, tea towels and tote bag featuring our pets, our own photography of our beautiful native Australian animals, our friends pets and some special pets from our Customers.

Orange bicycle design

Maggie Koller

Artisan made hats, technology accessories and bags. Local suppliers are used, and the products are made in Australia by machinists working independently



Origami pop cards

Dean + Origami Team

Origami is the Japanese word for paper folding. ORI means to fold and KAMI means paper. Together, they form the word, “Origami”, which is an art form that has been handed down from generation to generation. Kirigami is similar to origami in that it is a form of paper art. The major difference is that in origami, you fold paper whereas in kirigami, you fold and cut paper. 

Poppy & Pom

Rachel Field

Poppy & Pom is an Australian designed and made baby and children’s clothing label founded by mother/daughter duo Heather and Rachel. Our design philosophy is to create something unique for those we care about most, our children. With this in mind we choose quality fabrics for all our pieces so you can be proud to pass them onto family or friends as your children grow.



Rikalu is a boutique brand that’s fun, happy and unique. Our goal is to create quality baby and children accessories, that are practical and have a modern, clean and fun aesthetic. Our products are carefully designed and mad e with little ones in mind.

Rolla Bottle


The original roll-small water bottle. It functions just like a regular bottle, and rolls super small when empty. The perfect gift. 10% of profits are donated to help clean ocean plastic.


Jessica Dudgeon

Sea Apple Swim is a thoughtful approach to children’s swimwear, combining stylish, protective designs that offer the highest standards in sun safety, while also caring for the planet. Each piece is constructed from nylon fabric knitted from recycled fishing nets and shields the sun’s harsh UV rays with Ultraviolet Protection Factor 50+. Designed in Sydney, Australia, Sea Apple Swim embraces the sandy, salty wonderment of a day at the beach, without compromising what’s most important. 

Sonder and Soul

Dana Trubajic

Locally Handmade soy candles, bath and body products.





Stof Studios

Stephanie Phillips

Stof Studios is a collection of fun, unique laser-cut accessories and risograph printed stationery. I create bold statement earrings as well as brooches, bags, hair-clips and risograph cards and prints. All these elements fit together with a distinct sense of style and they are all designed and produced by me.



The Simple Sustainable Store


We are a small family-run business offering a carefully selected range of sustainable and eco-friendly products for the home and when out and about. Our mission is to make sustainable living simple for everyone!



Toby and Rosie

Toby Withers

Our range of natural skincare and soaps are made with our own hands. If you’ve never tried hand-crafted skincare before, you’ll be surprised at how effective they and what a difference they are from the factory made refined products you might be using now. Healthy skin is our goal and using the raw power of nature to accomplish this in a sustainable and ethical way is our promise and passion

Us & the Earth

Elizabeth Morris

Simple solutions for a plastic-free life. Live more consciously with our beautiful, sustainable and reusable products for use everyday to reduce our impact on the environment.

WAW Handplanes

Rikki Gilbey

The WAW BadFish Bodysurfing Handplane allows you to catch waves easier and leave nothing but a cleaner ocean in your wake. 

Made from recycled ocean plastics collected from the Great Barrier Reef

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